Construction Accidents

Do not be misguided, worker’s compensation is not your only avenue for recovery after a work-site injury. We focus our practice on navigating the civil legal system to maximize your monetary recovery, in addition to your separate worker’s compensation claim. You need someone on your side that will fight for you to make sure that you and your loved ones recover as quickly and as completely as the law will allow.

Sadly, many times after suffering a major injury on a construction site, worker’s compensation is NOT enough to cover your damages. More often than not, worker’s compensation falls much too short in covering your medical expenses, future medical needs, and wage loss.

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Our firm can help you recover the maximum amount of damages through the civil legal system. While nothing in life is guaranteed, you can be certain we will work with your worker’s compensation attorney to recover everything the law allows.

While the law does not allow injured workers to file a lawsuit against their employers, you can, and should pursue a civil action against other parties who may be responsible for your injury. Construction sites are as complex, and it is not always immediately apparent who is responsible for the dangerous condition.

Contractors, subcontractors, general contractors, prime contractors, manufacturers, architects, consultants, and engineers or even the construction site owners, outside of your employer, may have contributed to your injury.

Construction sites are regulated by federal, state, and local authorities. You need someone who knows how to navigate this labyrinth of laws for you. For example, OSHA requires employers to acquire permits, conduct regular inspections, proper training, and implement job safety programs to limit workplace accidents.

Failure to comply with safety policies and procedures can result in avoidable construction site accident. You and your loved ones are entitled to a safe workplace free from unacceptable risks and injuries.

Construction Injuries

Many of the most common construction accidents involve:

Construction Accidents Lawyer

If you have been injured in a construction related accident, it is important that you talk to a lawyer early on to avoid losing evidence, missing deadlines and to help you get your life back as quickly as possible. In most situations, it is best to contact an attorney within one to two weeks of your accident.

If any party outside of your employer and the worker compensation arena has presented you with a settlement offer, very often it is not in your best interests but the interest of the offering party. It is in your best interests to talk to a lawyer that has your best interests in mind to help you receive the compensation that matches your injuries.

Our legal team, in particular, John Roussas, is well versed in navigating workplace safety, OSHA regulations, negligence, product liability laws, wrongful death, and the worker’s compensation system as it intersects with the civil system. For 10 years, John was a partner at one of the largest construction defense firms in California, giving him an insider’s understanding not only of how construction sites operate but more importantly, of how the insurance companies will try to avoid responsibility in order to save themselves money.

John will work for you to make sure all third parties are held accountable for any role they had in failing to follow work site safety requirements.

Ben is a Partner at Hulburt & Bunn specializing in plaintiff’s’ serious injury and wrongful death cases. The firm handles only a limited number of important cases, often helping families through devastating crises with life-changing verdicts and settlements. He served as President of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego in 2002 and was the San Diego Barristers Club President in 1992.

He is a past Chairman of the Board of the San Diego chapter of Make-A-Wish & YWCA. He was CASD Consumer Advocate of the Year in 2000. He is a graduate and on the faculty of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. He took a leadership role after 9/11, putting together a San Diego team of trial lawyers who represented New York area families pro bono, recovering nearly $100 million in compensation. Named in the Best Lawyers of America, California & San Diego. Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates -ABOTA.

The insurance companies will try to take advantage of the vulnerable state you are in after an injury to leverage a quick and dirty settlement. Don’t let this happen to you.