IVC Filter Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has experienced complications from using the Bard IVC filter, you may be eligible for a compensation to help recover from the costs and injuries that arose as a result of using this product.

What is an IVC Filter?

The Bard recovery IVC filter is often described as looking like a spider. Made of Nitinol, it holds its shape through the shape memory component of the material. The spider reference comes from the fact that the filter is comprised of 12 “struts”.

These struts, or “legs” are placed so that the short ones go over the long ones. The filter is placed inside the inferior vena cava because this is the main vein that returns blood to the heart, specifically to the right aorta. If a blood clot forms in this vein, the legs of the filter are supposed to capture it and prevent it from moving into the heart or lung area.

The IVC filter is a temporary device that is supposed to be removed after the threat of a blood clot has passed. Normally, this device is only used on people who may not be able to take anticoagulants that can help prevent blood clots because the anticoagulants interfere with other medications, cause adverse reactions, or for other medical reasons.

Like many other devices, the concept sounds effective, but the alleged dangers may outweigh the benefits.

What Are IVC Filter Complications?

As described above, the IVC filter has struts. Obviously, these struts have to be relatively small to fit inside a vein. Allegedly, it’s their size that makes them somewhat delicate, and the result can be disastrous. Since the product came on the market, literally thousands of complaints have poured in.

The struts fracture, or break off and travel through the blood stream. They cause pain on their own, but can also cause infections and other complications. The worst part is that this breakage has been occurring almost from the first year. In fact, the FDA approved the product in 2002 and was getting complaints by 2003.

Over the years this problem has gained more attention and there are now several IVC filter lawsuits as well as possible class action lawsuits initiated. Signs of IVC Filter Migration As pieces of the filter migrate through the body system, the alleged adverse side effects can be varied and confusing.

Why “alleged”? Because one of the problems is that some of these medical issues may be unrelated, but if you have the IVC filter in place, it is most likely the cause.

In any case, seek medical attention immediately in order to address the issue if you experience any of the symptoms listed below.

  • Moderate to severe pain in the chest area
  • Difficulty or changes in breathing patterns or quality of breathing
  • Hemorrhaging (often demonstrated by swollen areas, or the release of blood through one of the digestive system openings)
  • Perforated areas of the body system, specifically the vessels, tissues, or organs (Note that these perforations may cause pain or irritation in areas other than the chest.)

IVC Filter Studies and Warnings

By 2003, C.R. Bard had received thousands of complaints concerning splintered or fractured IVC filters. A new model was developed and named the IVC G2. Allegedly, the more recent model was to have fewer side effects, which is true to some extent.

Several studies have been conducted, one of which was done by the Archives of Internal Medicine. The results were somewhat astounding. The original IVC filter fractured or splintered in 25% of the patients it was used on. The new model, the IVC G2 filter fractured or splintered in 12% of the patients it was used on.

While this appears to be significant improvement at first glance, the timeline tells another story. The older model had a 25% failure rate over 50 months, but the newer model’s 12% failure rate took just 24 months. Even worse, of the 25% failures, 70% of those splinters made their way to the heart.

In short, neither model is safe to use and carries a very real risk of severe internal damage and in some cases, even fatalities. Whether you have suffered problems due to the first or second model you may be eligible for compensation.

Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit

As with every medical device, the IVC filter has undergone studies and did meet FDA approval, but later caused enough damage for the FDA to issue a warning. Neither the FDA nor Bard can ignore the fact that these devices are dangerous and can cause more medical issues than they prevent.

The fact of the matter is that there have been enough studies to demonstrate the level of danger that the device creates. The evidence is already there in the form of academic research. Now, it’s time to address the needs of the individuals who have suffered from the side effects of using this device and initiate a class action settlement as well as removing these dangerous devices from the market.

IVC Filter Lawyer

If you or a loved one has used this device, you may be eligible for compensation. In point of fact, you may be suffering from the side effects right now and simply not be aware that it is the device that is causing the issues you are experiencing.

When it comes to the dangers of the IVC filter, the only thing worse than experiencing some of the side effects is to experience them and not realize that they need to be addressed immediately or to not realize the source of them.

If you feel that you may be eligible to participate in an IVC filter lawsuit because you are experiencing side effects from the use of the product, contact your physician and seek legal representation immediately. The sooner you address the issue, the sooner you can recover from it in more ways than one.