Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer 

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been in a car accident, it’s vital to have an experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer on your side. The Cutter Law Firm can help you navigate the legal process and get the compensation you deserve. Our car accident lawyers have years of experience.

We understand that being involved in a car crash can be traumatic. You may be dealing with injuries, property damage, and the stress of dealing with insurance companies. 

We will work hard to relieve some of that burden by handling the legal aspects of your case.

We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your accident and gather evidence to build a strong case for you. We will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and fight for fair compensation for your damages. If necessary, we will take your case to trial.

You can be confident that we will fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Severe Injury From Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of severe injuries in the United States.

Most car accidents are caused by human error, such as speeding, distracted driving, or drunk driving. However, some accidents are caused by mechanical problems or bad weather.

No matter what the cause, car accidents can have devastating consequences. Injuries from car accidents can include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other life-threatening conditions.

Severe Injuries And Medical Expenses

The serious injuries that auto accident victims suffer often require medical treatment that is incredibly expensive. Our injured clients have suffered catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Broken Bones
  • Crush Injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Death

If you are a family member and your loved one has been killed in an auto accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Our personal injury law firm has accident lawyers with years of experience helping those left behind.

Medical Bills and Lost Wages

After a car accident, you may be left with expensive medical bills and lost wages. If you were not at fault for the accident, you might be able to recover these costs through a personal injury claim.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Financial Compensation You Deserve?

Getting the settlement you deserve after a car accident can take a long time. This is because insurance companies will often try to lowball you in their initial offer, hoping that you’ll accept it and move on.

If you’re not careful, you could accept an offer that’s far less than what you deserve.

That’s why it’s essential to consult with a car accident attorney immediately after your accident.

Experienced car accident attorneys will know how to negotiate with insurance companies to get you the best possible settlement. And if necessary, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf to bring you the compensation you deserve.

At Cutter Law, our legal team will evaluate your car accident claim for free. In the Free Consultation, we will listen to your story and review the auto accident report filed by the police.

You might still have a car accident case if you were the at-fault driver.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, there are some important steps you should take to protect your rights:

1. Seek medical attention for any injuries you have suffered. Documenting your injuries and getting treatment as soon as possible is essential.

2. Do not sign anything from the insurance company without consulting with an attorney first. Insurance companies will often try to get you to sign away your rights or agree to a low settlement offer.

3. Gather evidence from the accident scene if you are able. This may include taking photos of the damage, getting the contact information of witnesses, and anything else relevant to your case.

4. You need legal representation for the best outcome. Contact an experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit?

There are a few key things to keep in mind when determining if you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit:

1. The incident must have occurred within the last two years. Or 1 year after discovering the injury.

2. You must have suffered a physical injury due to the incident.

3. Someone else’s negligence or recklessness must have caused the incident.

Reference: California Statute of Limitations  

Reference: California Code of Procedure 

You may be eligible for compensation if you meet all of these criteria. 

Contact a personal injury lawyer today to learn more about the specific details of your case.

What is the procedure for filing personal injury claims in California?

Personal injury cases are subject to stringent requirements and filing deadlines. The personal injury legal procedure in California is outlined below:

  • Bodily Injury Claim: After a serious accident, it is critical to contact the insurance provider. A bodily injury claim must be submitted to the auto insurance firm within a reasonable amount of time. This may differ depending on the insurer.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit: A person who is hurt in a car accident has two years from the collision to bring a claim. If a person does not file an injury-related civil lawsuit or accept an insurance settlement within two years, they will lose their right to financial compensation.
  • Government Entity Claim: If the car accident injuries were caused by government agency negligence, claiming time is shorter. In these situations, a plaintiff has six months from the accident date to submit a notice of claim.

How Should I Deal With My Car Insurance Company?

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should then contact your insurance company once you have seen a doctor.

Be sure to have all relevant information, such as the other driver’s insurance information and the police report, ready when you call.

It is crucial to remember that insurance companies are businesses whose primary goal is to make money. 

They may try to minimize the amount of money they pay out on claims.

This means that it is important to know your rights and understand the claims process before filing a claim with your insurance company.

Be sure to hire a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer to deal with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Our auto accident attorneys can come to you if you are too injured to visit our offices. We can also discuss your injury case over the phone or via video if that is more convenient.

In California, what sorts of personal injury compensation are available?

There are two main types of personal injury restitution in California: special and general damages.

  • Special damages are economic losses that can be quantified, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.
  • General damages are non-economic losses that cannot be easily quantified, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. In some cases, punitive damages may also be available.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your losses.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand the types of options available in your case.

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Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sacramento Rideshare Car Accident Lawyer

Sacramento Uber Accident Attorney or Lyft Accident Lawyer

If Someone Was Drunk, Do I Need A DUI Injury Attorney?

Being injured in a DUI accident is one of the most devastating and life-altering things. 

If you were not at fault for the accident, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the intoxicated driver.

However, if you were partially at fault for the accident, your damages may be reduced or even dismissed entirely.

This is why it is so important to have an experienced Sacramento car accident attorney on your side who can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you get the best outcome possible for your case. 

Do I Need A Special Lawyer If An 18 Wheeler Was Involved?

If you have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, you will likely need the services of a qualified Sacramento truck accident lawyer. Truck accidents can be complex and often involve multiple parties. An experienced attorney will be able to navigate the complexities of your case and ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve.

Cutter Law is a leading Sacramento personal injury law firm with over 25 years of experience handling truck accident cases.

Attorney Brooks Cutter has a proven track record of success and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. He and his team are dedicated to providing each client with personalized attention and aggressive representation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that pedestrian accidents are among the most common types of accidents? In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were over 6,721 pedestrian fatalities in the United States in 2020 alone.

Many factors can contribute to pedestrians being injured in a car accident, including distracted driving, speeding, poor weather conditions, etc.

Motorcycle Accidents

Although motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other motorists on the road, they are more vulnerable to injury in an accident due to the lack of protection that a motorcycle offers.

When a motorcycle is hit by another vehicle, the rider can be thrown from the bike and suffer serious injuries. Even when wearing a helmet and other protective gear, a motorcyclist can sustain life-threatening injuries in an auto accident.

You may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured in an auto accident. 

Contact the Sacramento Car Accident Attorneys at Cutter Law Firm Today

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident, we can help. Our experienced Sacramento car accident lawyers will fight for a fair settlement for your damages. 

Contact us today for a free consultation. We don’t get paid unless you do!

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