Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a truck wreck, contact our semi-truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. 

Although automobile accidents are more prevalent, they result in more severe injuries and fatalities than truck accidents, even if the truck driver is not harmed. 

More than four out of five people who died in truck accidents were pedestrians, bicyclists, or passengers in other vehicles, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

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How Can a Large Truck Accident Be Serious and Life-Threatening?

Large trucks may weigh more than 30 times as much as automobiles and big tractor-trailers transporting heavy cargo might take 40% longer to come to a stop.

In 2018, 74% of large truck fatalities involved tractor-trailers. It is evident that the larger the truck, the worse the accident.

Despite the numerous safety regulations that govern the trucking industry, incidents are rising. 

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in the calendar year 2018, there were more than 164,900 truck accidents in the United States.

Motorcycles and scooters accounted for most deaths, with 2,571 fatalities in 2018—a 7% increase over the prior year. There were almost 4,000 fatal accidents in which motor vehicles were involved.

Trucking Companies

When the insurance firms get involved, trucking companies have their corporate attorneys working to eliminate their liability for the accident. You will need a knowledgeable Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to guarantee that you receive the highest compensation possible while fighting off predatory insurance enterprises and high-powered attorneys.

Hours Of Service (HOS) Laws for Truck Drivers in California

In California, truckers are required by law to take rest periods at designated intervals to ensure that they are rested and can operate safely.

These rules are known as hours of service (HOS) regulations, and there are 2 types of laws that truck drivers must adhere to. 

Truck drivers operating within California must follow the requirements of the state’s hours of service laws, which state that:

  • Drivers must take a 10-hour break after 12 hours on duty.
  • Truckers must rest for at least 10 hours after driving for 16 hours (whether driving or not).
  • After working for 80 hours in 8 days, drivers are not permitted to drive.

Citation: HOS Regulations

For interstate trips, truck drivers must follow federal rules.

The rules are made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These rules state:

  • Drivers can work for up to 14 hours as long as they have been off for 10 hours. The 14-hour period begins when the driver starts working, even if they are not behind the wheel.
  • Drivers can only drive for up to 11 hours during the 14-hour work window.
  • When truckers have worked for more than 8 hours without rest, they must take at least 30 minutes off.
  • Each week, drivers may only work a certain amount of hours. They can only operate for up to 60 hours in a 7-day workweek. In an 8-day workweek, they can only labor for up to 70 hours.

Citation: FMCSA

LA Freeways

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents In Los Angeles

What are the common causes of trucking accidents in LA? Combined passenger cars and heavy truck traffic are dangerous. 

In many situations, these circumstances may cause auto accident injury and death. Truck driving drivers are professionals whose responsibility is to maintain safety on the roads of America.

Truck drivers can be easily distracted while navigating state roads and freeways.

Causes of Truck Accidents

The trucking industry is federally regulated to protect drivers and passengers. The violation of these regulations can be considered negligence. For example, forcing drivers to work long hours away from home can lead to careless driving or cause drivers to fall asleep while driving. Failure to properly load and maintain weight limits will cause cargo to displace while travelling. A truck can also jackknife on busy streets and freeways and damage other nearby motorists.

Types of trucks and accidents

  • Truck Driver Fatigue
  • Impaired Driver
  • Jack Knife Accident
  • Speeding
  • Stopping Distance
  • Blind Spot
  • Reckless Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Impaired Driving
  • Cargo Loading Errors
  • Lack of Proper Maintenence
  • Mechanical Defect or Flaw

Parked trucks or trailers

Any truck driver can negligently park, causing a deadly traffic accident. In California, there are strict regulations regarding when a truck may be parked on the side of the road. 

Truck drivers who lack proper training often break these rules for various reasons. When a large vehicle is parked on the shoulder or emergency lane, it raises the danger of catastrophic car accidents.

Common Injuries of a Truck Accident Victim

Catastrophic Injuries

When a person is catastrophically injured, it is usually considered to be “catastrophic” when the event occurs suddenly and without notice, leaving the victim with significant long-term repercussions.

Although most people usually think of spinal cord injuries involving paralysis as the most common type of catastrophic injury, there are various types of catastrophic injuries.

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are two of the most common catastrophic injuries. Vision and hearing loss are also devastating impairments.

Neck & Back Injuries 

The neck and back are frequently tough to cure because they include many muscles, cartilage, and bones. These truck accident-induced injuries can range from whiplash to limb paralysis.

Back and neck injuries can often go unnoticed for days or even weeks after the initial collision with another vehicle.

Brain & Head Injuries 

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most damaging injuries that can occur due to a trucking accident. These problems may impair a person’s cognitive abilities and significantly affect their quality of life.

After traumatic brain injuries, chronic headaches, sleeplessness, and other long-term severe problems are common.

Truck accident victims frequently suffer facial injuries from lacerations, blunt force, or burns that can be disfiguring and necessitate reconstructive surgery.

Citation: CDC TBI


A limb loss in a semi-truck accident can be physically and psychologically devastating. Limbs may be lost immediately following the accident or during medical treatment due to the severity of the damage.

Amputees endure significant difficulties in their daily lives. Amputees must make substantial adjustments to their everyday routines, including modifications to their automobiles and residences.

Burn injury 

In the case of a collision, 18-wheelers carrying hazardous materials or flammable liquids have a significant danger. Gas and liquid can catch fire in these semi-trucks when accidents result in severe burns.

3rd-degree and 4th-degree burns are extremely serious, resulting in significant medical treatment and the possibility of disfigurement.

Broken Bones 

The severity of fractured bones may differ significantly after a truck accident. While a plaster cast can be used to treat minor fractures, more severe fractures might need surgery.

Treatment for comminuted fractures, in which the bone is fractured in numerous locations, and compression fractures, in which the bone is crushed, may necessitate pins and screws to keep the bone still while it heals.

Internal Injury 

Some injuries, like a broken arm or a fractured elbow, are apparent immediately; however, others, such as brain and spine traumas, are more difficult to detect at first.

Internal bleeding and organ damage are difficult to detect and therefore go undetected, resulting in potentially fatal consequences.


Los Angeles truck accident lawyer

Injuries and Damages From an LA Truck Accident

Auto accidents not only cause bodily injury, they often result in the victim losing a great deal financially as well. 

Fortunately, many of the losses sustained in the accident can be recovered through a claim or lawsuit.

What kind of damages can I recover?

Victims of a big rig crash often suffer life-changing injuries requiring significant financial and physical resources. Besides the medical expenses and hospital bills, plaintiffs may also need funds to pay the costs of the crash. 

Los Angeles car accident victims that have suffered a financial loss may recover damages for:

Medical expenses 

Truck accident injuries often come with many medical expenses. Medical costs that can be claimed include doctor visits, hospitalizations, emergency room charges, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, and medical equipment.

Future medical costs 

Truck accident injuries often require the victim to undergo medical treatment that may continue well beyond the settlement date. Your Los Angeles truck accident attorney can typically recover these future costs.

Mental anguish 

Injuries can also cause mental and emotional strain. As well as property damage and financial loss that may result from the collision, these factors can all cause pain.

Pain and suffering 

The victim’s suffering from the accident, as well as any associated trauma, might be compensated. The payment is determined by the degree of pain the victim is experiencing and how long they will be in discomfort.

Loss of wages

The car accident may leave the victim unable to continue working. The amount of income that was lost and the amount that will be lost in the future may be compensated for.

Property damage

Damages to any property that were caused in the car accident can be compensated for.

Truck Accident Litigation: The Truck Accident Injury Claim

Can I file a lawsuit after a truck accident?

Yes, You can file a lawsuit after your truck accident. You only have 2 years to file a truck accident claim in the greater Los Angeles area.

Like every other state, California limits the time you have to file lawsuits, whether for personal injury, breach of contract, property damage, or other kinds of lawsuits. A trucking accident injury case is a personal injury case. 

“Statute of limitations” is the formal term for these deadlines. The statute of limitations for a truck accident starts on the day of the collision. 

A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer can explain how your case’s statute of limitations works. 

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies tragically and suddenly in an accident, the rest of their family’s life is altered. When a loved one dies, the space they leave behind is something survivors must confront daily.

Wrongful Death Defined: When someone is killed because of another person’s negligence, the law in California says that the family left behind deserves compensation for their loss. 

A family member of someone killed because of someone else’s negligence may be able to get economic damages. 

This includes money for:

  • Loss of income, benefits, and other financial support
  • Loss of household services
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills for care provided before the wrongful death of your loved one

In addition to financial assistance, California law recognizes that survivors have lost more than simply financial support. The wrongful death allows for damages to be given for the loss of a loved one’s irreplaceable relationship, including love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, moral support, and guidance.

When you and your family are coping with grief and other problems caused by the unexpected loss of a loved one, proving that negligence on the part of one or more persons caused the terrible injuries sustained by your loved one is a complicated process.

An experienced truck accident attorney has extensive experience advocating for families whose loved ones died due to the wrongdoing of reckless drivers and other negligent parties.   

Citation: Cali CCP 377.60, Victim Compensation Summary

Why should I hire a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer?

Truck crashes have become more complex. In a case like this, multiple defendants may be involved, including In some cases, if you or someone you love is hurt in a trucking accident, you are likely to suffer serious injuries.

It’s incredibly challenging to resolve a truck accident claim on your own. Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles can help you recover the compensation you deserve. 

They possess the experience and resources to handle multiple defendant cases and know federal and state law.

Truck Accident Investigations

Trucking accident investigations can involve multiple agencies, such as local and state police, federal investigators, and insurance company investigators.

Who can be held liable for a truck accident?

Several parties could have contributed to the negligence that resulted in your accident with an 18 Wheeler. 

Some of the parties who could be negligent are

  • The truck driver
  • the trucking company
  • the maintenance technician
  • the person who loaded the cargo
  • designer or manufacturer of the truck’s parts 

Each of these parties is involved in ensuring the vehicle’s safety. 

A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer can investigate these parties to determine who may share responsibility for your injuries and secure evidence to support your case.

Your lawyer will request police reports, document the accident scene, collect witness statements, and obtain relevant documents from the trucking company.

Should I accept Trucking Company’s settlement offer?

Truck Accident Settlement

The majority of truck accident claims are settled out of court. However, if negotiations fail to achieve the maximum and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries, the only way to pursue justice may be to take your case to trial. Insurance companies are armed with vast legal teams and significant resources. 

You need an attorney on your side with the knowledge, skill, and resources to build your best case and present it effectively before a judge and jury. Hiring a lawyer who is both an exceptional negotiator and a skilled litigator will be essential to achieving justice in your case.

Gathering evidence to support your case

How does your firm prove negligence and win truck cases?

The legal team is highly qualified and experienced, with an investigation team trained for many years and can work hard once you retain the services of our truck crash attorneys. 

We believe immediate intensive investigations are essential to building the foundations for a winning claim. 

Dedicated, award-winning personal injury lawyers specializing in personal injury cases focus on the facts to find the best possible outcome for the plaintiff in a timely fashion. 

Our lawyers understand how federal, state and local laws affect transportation operations.

Tell me the deadline for filing a claim.

Typically this is two years after the incident happened. It is important to file at the earliest possible time to get a response to any claim because it will significantly weaken its value. There are several reasons you can file a car accident claim within 6 months. The sooner you file an insurance claim, the better it is.

Commercial Truck Accidents

According to the California Legislature, a commercial vehicle is “used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit or designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.” This is a very broad definition, and it includes a wide range of road vehicles.

If you’ve been hit by a truck, bus, or other vehicle transporting goods or people, you should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. 

Commercial vehicles are subject to complex regulations, and recovering compensation for an accident is difficult.

Citation: California Legislature

Commercial Truck Accident Claims

Around the city streets of Los Angeles, delivery trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and cement trucks typically cause commercial truck crashes. 

Citation: Federal Truck Safety Regulations, Federal Truck Size & Weight, Special Truck Lane Rules, Caltrans Routes and Rules for Legal Trucks,

18-wheeler accidents

An 18-wheeler is a large truck with an overall length of over 25 feet. When fully loaded, the average weight of one is about 80,000 pounds. These trucks are much bigger than most other cars on the road. They are very heavy, which can cause severe injuries and even fatalities in a car accident. Oversize loads and trucks have several special restrictions.

Box truck accidents

Box trucks are smaller than big rigs. They have fewer wheels and chassis, and they carry less cargo. But they are still bigger and heavier than passenger vehicles, so the consequences of a collision can still be severe.

Cement truck accidents

Trucks with large cement mixers can be thrown off-balance as the mixing drum spins and the concrete mixture hardens. These trucks’ weight and handling characteristics make them harder to stop and much easier to roll over because they are so top-heavy and have a rotating drum.

Dump truck accidents

Dump trucks are often overloaded with rocks, gravel, wood chips, and refuse. This can cause the truck to tip over if the contents are not levelled off. Debris can also fall off the truck and onto nearby cars and people. dump trucks have a hard time stopping for cars and people in front of them.

Flatbed truck accidents

Flatbed trucks are defined by their open trailer. Flatbed cargo must be properly balanced and secured to avoid accidents involving rollovers and objects falling into the road.

Garbage truck accidents

Garbage trucks, like dump trucks, transport a variety of loose items. The unbalanced cargo increases the chance of an accident when combined with poor driving (such as excessive speed, cornering mistakes, brake failure, etc.).

Garbage trucks are often hurrying to collect trash and may inadvertently hit cars and people along the route.

Lowboy accidents: 

A lowboy is an open trailer (akin to a flatbed) with a graduated “level” design. Lowboy trailers are frequently used to transport bulky industrial vehicles and equipment.

The weight of the freight can cause the driver to lose control, resulting in runaway injuries, jackknifes, and other types of collisions.

Moving truck accidents 

Various factors may cause an accident with a moving truck. Professional big-rig trucks operated by businesses and moving firms are subjected to the same rules as many of the other motor vehicles mentioned in this chapter.

Smaller trucks rented by non-commercial persons are subject to different regulations.

Tanker truck accidents

Some of the most hazardous truck accidents involve semis hauling tankers filled with gasoline, diesel fuel, and other volatile substances. A crash may puncture the tank, releasing harmful liquids or gases that can cause a fire or explosion. 

Sloshing and surging liquids may make the vehicle harder to stop and easier to roll over.

Hire A Truck Accident Attorney In Los Angeles

The last thing anybody expects is that they will need help from a Los Angeles semi-truck accident attorney. We recognize how difficult it may be to choose a legal representative after a tragic accident.

It’s critical to pick a lawyer you can trust and who understands your beliefs. An experienced truck accident lawyer is as concerned about your well-being as about the legal matter.

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The Broad Spectrum of Road Accidents in Los Angeles

While we are particularly adept at representing victims of truck accidents in Los Angeles, we understand that the complexity of road accidents goes far beyond this type of incident. Road accidents encompass a wide array of situations, each with their own unique challenges and specific considerations, such as car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, and, of course, rideshare accidents.

  • Car Accidents in Los Angeles: These common accidents can range from minor to severe, with each incident requiring a detailed investigation to determine liability and compensation claims.
  • Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles: The thrill of motorcycle riding comes with its own risks, as motorcycle accidents often result in significant, life-altering injuries. Our team is well-versed in the complexities surrounding these cases, striving to advocate for riders’ rights and seek the compensation they deserve.
  • Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles: Pedestrians, due to their vulnerability, often sustain serious injuries when involved in road accidents. We tirelessly fight for the rights of these victims, holding negligent parties responsible for their actions.
  • Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles: As Los Angeles becomes more bike-friendly, the number of bicycle accidents is also on the rise. Our firm understands the unique challenges these cases present and works diligently to protect the rights of cyclists.
  • Rideshare Accidents in Los Angeles: The rise of rideshare services has led to a new set of legal challenges. Whether you’re a passenger, driver, or an innocent bystander, we can help navigate the complexities of these types of cases.

For more in-depth information about each type of accident, follow the respective links to learn how our experienced legal team can provide support and expert advice in your unique situation. We are always available for a free consultation to discuss your specific circumstances and provide professional legal guidance.


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