Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuit

The Syngenta lawsuit seeks to compensate US growers who did not plant Viptera or Duracade corn seeds for market losses they suffered as a result of Syngenta’s failure to follow adequate procedure to ensure its Viptera and Duracade corn was approved…

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Invokana Ketoacidosis And Kidney Failure Lawsuit

If you’ve taken Invokana and have experienced Ketoacidosis or Kidney Failure contact Invokana lawyer for free case evaluation today.

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Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

As of today, they have failed to offer a warning to women, even though they have known this to be true since at least 1982. Currently, at least one talcum powder lawsuit simply asks for compensation for the money women spent on these products, but future lawsuits could involve the cost of medical care and other personal injury costs associated with ovarian cancer.

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